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5 Simple Steps for Higher Quality Data

Picture this: You’re making vital choices that impact a significant project, and need to use data to better inform those choices. Unfortunately, you’ve got legacy systems galore, your database is being fed by multiple sources, all of them have different rules, and you’ve got no time or budget to embark on a serious data journey without first proving its value– it’s the catch-22 of our digital age.

Data migration: how we make it work for you

Read this before you migrate your data (because you will eventually!) When it comes to trying to anticipate what’s ahead for your business, a crystal ball would certainly be handy! But there is one thing we can predict with a fair bit of confidence. At some point, you will need to migrate your customer data from one or more technology systems to a new target application or system.

Data quality remains a major barrier to growth

Benchmark report rates data as “questionable” across key record areas. Companies are struggling to create good foundation data and maintain clean records despite acknowledging that poor data quality can hinder marketing goals, a benchmark report has found.