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The benefits of home grown smart city technology

Local government leaders have an increasing amount of choice when it comes to smart city technology. Some of the best technology has been developed in Australia and presents many advantages to its foreign counterparts. So what are the benefits of home grown smart city tech? Why is the choice of technology provider so important? And what do cities stand to gain by putting local technology on their smart city agenda?

PayStay registrations reach 150,000

Australia’s leading mobile parking application PayStay has hit another incredible milestone, exceeding 150,000 registrations. This 50% increase in take-up rate took only six months to achieve, having reached the 100,000 mark in February 2016.

Location, Location, Location

Parking is like real estate, difficult to find and often more costly than expected. Thanks to PayStay’s latest feature, finding this prime real estate just became much easier.

PayStay registrations reach 100,000

PayStay, a mobile parking payment app developed for the Australian market, has reached the ambitious target of 100,000 subscribers well ahead of schedule. To put that into perspective, you can fill the MCG with PayStay users.

Innovating inspections

The PinForce system is well known in the civic compliance industry for its innovation of parking technology. But this intricately designed software offers much more than just parking revolutions when it comes to enforcing local laws.