How loyalty programs deliver data wins across your business

Data won’t just influence your loyalty program. It can change the way you do business. Generally when an organisation starts to consider a loyalty program they head straight to exploring program design, how they will award points and, of course the fun part of the equation — the rewards!

Data migration: how we make it work for you

Read this before you migrate your data (because you will eventually!) When it comes to trying to anticipate what’s ahead for your business, a crystal ball would certainly be handy! But there is one thing we can predict with a fair bit of confidence. At some point, you will need to migrate your customer data from one or more technology systems to a new target application or system.

PayStay registrations reach 150,000

Australia’s leading mobile parking application PayStay has hit another incredible milestone, exceeding 150,000 registrations. This 50% increase in take-up rate took only six months to achieve, having reached the 100,000 mark in February 2016.

Welcome your loyalty members the right way

First impressions count. So when you start contacting new loyalty program members, you want to make sure you get off on the right foot. It’s worth putting some time and thought into what we call a “welcome series”. That is, the first lot of emails – or perhaps some SMSs ­– that you send to new members to welcome them to your program.

Data quality remains a major barrier to growth

Benchmark report rates data as “questionable” across key record areas. Companies are struggling to create good foundation data and maintain clean records despite acknowledging that poor data quality can hinder marketing goals, a benchmark report has found.

A dozen ways marketing automation gets you there faster

React to customers in real time and scale marketing for ROI wins Feel like your ‘batch and blast’ emails aren’t hitting the mark? Do you have some great information about your loyalty members, but don’t know how to use it to maximum effect? 

Loyalty stats and facts

Don’t just take our work for it! Here at DCA we’ve seen firsthand the benefit of a great loyalty program and the positive impact it can have on business and customer engagement. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Local and international studies and surveys also give loyalty programs the big thumbs up.