Top tips for becoming commercially successful through data

Guess what? The experts also promote a single-customer view … DCA is not alone in prioritising a single-customer view. When speaking at the recent Australian Data Strategy Symposium, the head of Data@Ogilvy also advocated pulling data into a 360-degree customer view, combining transaction history, service, campaign response, channel behaviour and third-party data sources.

The perfect data partner

DCA’s in-house data-driven marketing agency provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises across Australia Our core business is data. We have more than 20 years’ experience providing data-driven solutions across the spectrum, from simple data-quality jobs to large, complex data projects, and even the development of bespoke applications.

Modern marketing, and the things you need to know

The adoption of marketing automation technology is accelerating. But there is more to learn about this B2B technology, and the data that powers it The adoption of marketing automation technology is increasing, in the USA at least. According to the 2014 Annual Marketing Data Benchmark report1, this raises four interesting points: